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Landscape and Forest Management

Do you have a wooded bank or small forest strip that needs maintenance? A large hedge that needs a good pruning? Do you want to ensure that your companion animals do not leave the premises? We can take care of all this for you!

Forest management requires a long-term view, growing into a mature forest above all takes time. With proper maintenance you can optimize this process. For example, pruning and thinning give trees the opportunity to develop fully. Ultimately, you as the owner, but also the entire forest, benefit from a correct and professional forest policy.

Specific question?

We don't cut trees. Years of scientific research and practical experience have shown that topping trees has a very negative effect on the health of the tree.

We make an inventory of your forest, give advice on management, partly on the basis of the long-term goals, carry out maintenance and thinning and/or remove wood, after which new planting or rejuvenation becomes possible. For a suitable offer, we are happy to come by and tell you more about this after a tour through your forest.

If you have a very specific request or question, do not hesitate to contact us. We like to think along with you.

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