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tree care

As beautiful as trees are, they are not always in the desired location. Or they become too big or too weak, which could lead to dangerous situations. It does not mean that a tree has to be cut down because of it.

As a tree specialist, we can provide you with expert advice and take away all your worries by carrying out professional maintenance. Do you want to enjoy your trees even longer? Please contact us.  


Remove trees

Sometimes it is unavoidable to remove a tree. However, this requires a specific approach in which we specialize. In many cases, the tree will have to be climbed to safely remove it from the environment. If desired  a new tree can also be placed.


We would be happy to visit you without obligation to review the situation and provide a tailor-made offer. 


Landscape and Forest Management

Do you have a wooded bank or small forest strip that needs maintenance? A large hedge that needs pruning? Do you want to ensure that your companion animals do not leave the premises? We can take care of all this for you!


About me

Richard van Leeuwen

My name is Richard van Leeuwen, and from an early age I have had a great passion for nature. As a child I regularly climbed trees to enjoy the view. After obtaining my tree care certificates, I started working for a landscaping company and also studied forestry. I have been living in the Lot with my family since 2018, surrounded by greenery and I feel completely in my element.

As an arborist I really do what my heart is in. We constantly strive for the ultimate balance between biological, aesthetic and customer-oriented interests.


My personal motivation: Green is an indispensable element for the survival of this earth. I am committed to connecting the essential with the aesthetic so that you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful green living environment now and in the future.


What do our customers say?


Richard and his team have taken down a huge tree of at least 20 meters in our garden with great knowledge. The tree stood between a number of buildings, and it all went perfectly. Everything tidy and left tidy. We were very enthusiastic about the method, and have had a terrace built over the last two days, again the same, very quickly, a lot of knowledge and with a beautiful result, the terrace has also become very beautiful. Thank you Rowan and Richard for your wonderful work. Our next job is already in our minds.

Rolf Mell


Our work in pictures

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